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Team Switzerland ~ Twilight Fan Fic and Fan Art LJ
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A Twilight community that is not affected by the territorial disputes between mythical creatures!

Welcome to Team Switzerland. A completely non-'ship-specific Twilight community.

The rules are very simple. If you would like to bash a character, go somewhere else. Really. We are open to stories, art and mature discussions about any character, any relationship, and any plot scenario you are interested in, but we aren't open to fans making fun of the preferences of other fans. More info concerning what the community is about can be found here.

Also, it will be necessary for you to use lj-cuts. Learn how.

If you post something without an LJ cut, or if your tag isn't working because you used 'rich text format' instead of 'html' when you posted, you will have 8 hours to fix it before it will be deleted. I will save your post to a Word Document, on the off chance you didn't think to do that for yourself. However, the wise poster actually LOOKS at their post before they go on about their business. Rather than flood everyone's flist, maybe we could all take the time to do that?

If you are posting stories or art, please use the following format, outside your cut:

Again, look at the post before you disappear. If it didn't post right, please fix it.

Also, no underage sex scenes - they're all (or nearly) adults. This shouldn't be a difficult rule to follow.

We reserve the right to add rules.

A suggestion: When you join, post to introduce yourself. Lurkers are welcome, of course, but it's hard to achieve a true spirit of community without knowing who else is here. Here are some things folks are interested in knowing about you:

It is the goal of this community to serve its members in the following ways: to provide a place where every member can post links to advertise their Twilight fan fiction or fan art, and to provide a place for every reader to come where they can find Twilight stories of all kinds. So far, we've done really well at building an easily searchable (via tags) archive of stories. But I would still love to see those of you who have written stories before the conception of this community posting links to them. Recommendations to good stories or works of art that aren't yours are also welcome. :) We are all looking for good things to read and view!