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Just a quick housekeeping post - if you are watching this comm, but are not a member, you're missing posts! There are twelve of you, and I only just noticed, and have begun to feel guilty for not letting you know sooner....

So, I hope you'll join! Come in and be welcome!

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Title: Shadow
Word Count: 268
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, Angst
Fandom/Pairings: Edward/Mike with mentions of Edward/Bella and Jacob/Bella
Short summary: Bella is home sick and Edward is suffering through Lit class with Mike.

This is for the Edward/Mike challenge. It is my first fan-fic. Be gentle.



 Title: Discovery
Author: Dragonflame_05
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Mentions of suicide.
Pairing (if any): Esme/Carlise 
Type: One shot
Word Count: 3900
Summary: A walk turned into a rescue and the rescue saved both their lives. 
Note: This is the first story in my series called Fate's Gift. It is a collection of stories about the canon couples (excluding Bella and Edward) finding each other. 

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In celebration of finishing Eclipse this morning~

I coloured a little picture. Black and white picture was taken from the [WITH YOU] site, which is a fabulous little site that has not left my browser for quite some time.

So without ado~

Edward Cullen

Click on picture for a slightly larger version.

I don't know why the flowers, but they seemed appropriate given his old fashioned background, at least to me. And it was what I had to work with when it came to Photoshop. Comments are adored. I plan on doing a few more of the illustrations when inspiration strikes again~

DISCLAIMER: I [unfortunately] claim no ownership of Edward Cullen, nor the scan or the original artwork. I merely coloured in the image to share with others.

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Iiiiiii'm back!  I'm sure you all missed me since I was only, oh .... the last post.  I wanted to bring back my meger offerings to the comm though.  Very sorry if you've seen these before and I hope you don't think they suck.

Icon Preview:

( fake cut to 20 icons including J/B, E/B, Rosalie, and Alice )

Banner Preview:

( 9 headers/banners of E/B, J/B, and Rosalie )

Wallpaper Preview:

( 5 wallpapers with E/B, J/B, Rosalie/Edward, with a little Rosalie/Emmett )

A very quick first post.

Welcome to Team Switzerland Headquarters. You are here because you are tired of the 'ship war - or perhaps you just need a safe harbor from it for a while before you wade back into the melee?

Regardless, here you will find all kinds of stories and art. You will also find a community atmosphere that is not based upon knocking down other fans' preferences. So, welcome to you. Please, post your stories, and take a look around. I think you'll find this to be a place for you to indulge your enjoyment of any and ALL of the Twilight characters.

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